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Governance quality similar to navigation, is revealed in bad weather, poor visibility and treacherous waters.


Arkus Governance Partners brings a collective response to the challenges met by individual independent directors, confronted with a fast evolving regulatory environment and ever extending scope of liabilities.

Centralised regulatory watch and alerts are one of the founding blocks of this approach, together with a common code of conduct, a shared approach and unified service fees. More importantly, it is the ability to bring pragmatic answers to complex situations in the light of best practice and regulation which rests on the collective knowledge and experience of the partners. 



With increased scrutiny on the part of investors, shareholders, regulators and the media on the actions of companies, a strong and effective governance based on the thorough and independent assessment of risks is the best safeguard to uphold reputation .

Broad collective experience

The diversity among our directors in terms of capabilities, years of professional and intercultural experience, skills and specific industry professional backgrounds represents an asset that our clients can leverage.


Our approach is based on a global enterprise risk culture with the aim of protecting and enhancing the long-term value of our clients' business.

We are comfortable with risk taking,with our ability to set adequate frameworks.

Supported by a regulated professional organization

Our Directors are supported by a professional and regulated platform with, among others, expertise on enterprise risk management services, regulatory compliance, monitoring of delegated activities, corporate secretariat, IT and marketing

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