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Areas of expertise

Engineering background


Risk Management and Valuation

Project Management

Cyber risk and digital change

Phone:  + 352 422 611 302

Mobile: + 352 691 527 322

With an MSc in engineering and a master in business in Belgium, Scotland and Germany, Benoît began his career in the industry (Guardian Glass) as a quality control engineer. After this first experience, he joined an IT consulting firm (Callataÿ & Wouters) and later the Business Consulting department of Arthur Andersen in Luxembourg.

He was hired by Deloitte & Touche in 1998 as Pricing Desk manager, responsible for the development of mathematical tools for audit support and expert on AIMR-GIPS missions.

In 2001, he joined Pictet as head of pricing and became successively head of securities department, head of risk management & investment control and head of Project Management Office.

He chose to launch his own firm in 2012 (ID&D Sàrl) to provide services of independent directorship.


He holds various board and conducting officer positions in various companies in the UCITs world but also in AIFs, real estate and private equity management companies.


Convinced that digital opportunities must be seized in a proper way, he has gained in-depth knowledge in matters such as cyber security and digital change.


He holds a CFA and is a certified director both from INSEAD and from ILA.

INDEPENDENT DIRECTOR/conducting officer
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