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Solutions seekers with deep professional background.

The challenge of governance and independent directors in particular is not only to ensure the protection of shareholders' interest but to embrace all stakeholders' interests and help bring an appropriate response to the growing suspicion and distrust carried by corporate leadership. Arkus Governance Partners brings tried and tested methodologies to address these challenges, from enterprise risk to CSR.

Based on our risk background and culture, we share the same approach, including a common code of conduct as well as unified service fees. It is the collective knowledge and experience of the partners that gives us the ability to bring pragmatic answers to complex situations, in light of best practices.

We proposed several type of services:


Thanks to our diversity and professional background, our directors are selected to answer and support you regarding the growing importance of the regulatory framework.


Conducting officers will take care of the fund's day to day activities and will liaise closely with the board and the CSSF.

Bringing their strong knowledge and experience in the diverse range of investment vehicles, they will make sure the fund's strategy, investment policies and the risk profile of investors are respected.


In addition to our governance services, we can help companies facing existing or new challenges such as those posed by regulations, organizational improvements, new setups or even potentially disruptive changes such as digital solutions and their related issues.

We build solutions for and with clients on the numerous topics we cover on a regular basis and with the overarching goal of providing efficient and pragmatic solutions based on sound experience, broad expertise and in-depth analysis

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Solutions seekers with deep professional background.


Making the numbers talk


Ongoing controls to ensure regulatory implementation


Help you to make a substantial difference

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