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The compliance function will ensure that the company’s business and employees actions are compliant with the existent external laws and regulations as well as the internal policies and procedures. To this end, the compliance function develops, coordinates and operates a continuous monitoring and controlling of the activities of the company with the aim of facilitating the business and at the same time minimize the potential risks that could arise in the business.

With its daily tasks - consisting of analysis, monitoring and identification, reporting (regular/ad-hoc), advisory and training - the compliance function aims at creating and coordinating the controls over the company and covering its whole business, in particular:

- Ensure that the company’s business is conducted in compliance with professional standards and business practices;

- Ensure that business is carried out diligently, loyally, equally and ethically;

- Identify and manage legal, operational and reputational risks.

ongoing controls to ensure regulatory IMPLEMENTATION



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Ongoing controls to ensure regulatory implementation



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