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Areas of expertise

Broad range of directorships


Support client on new business concepts

Risk processes

Corporate governance practises

Phone: + 352 422 611 304

Mobile: + 352 621 509 714

Nicolaus is an Independent Director of a diversified portfolio of regulated and unregulated investment vehicles, international corporates and SMEs. He advises clients on new business concepts, risk processes and corporate governance practises.

In addition to this, he is a Partner of Arkus Financial Services (formerly IRML), a leading company offering corporates independent risk monitoring and governance solutions.

Nicolaus has over 30 years international experience working in the financial sector and - industry, covering investment management, finance, asset - and liability management, risk analysis and corporate governance. He has worked in Brussels, London, Luxembourg, Munich, Panama and Paris.

In 2011/2012, Nicolaus completed the INSEAD International Directors Program –IDP– Certificate in Corporate Governance, and in 2016, he obtained a professional certification in Cyber Security Risk Management from IT Governance Ltd.

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