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Solutions seekers with deep professional background.

Board members and other executives generally use their risk knowledge in their daily decisions as part of a “risk-based governance” approach.

Arkus Governance Partners brings a collective response to the challenges met by individual independent directors, confronted with a fast evolving (regulatory) environment and ever extending scope of liabilities.

Based on our risk background and culture, we share the same approach, including a common code of conduct as well as unified service fees. It is the collective knowledge and experience of the partners that gives us the ability to bring pragmatic answers to complex situations, in light of best practices.

"It is our approach to take induction and education seriously, both as non-executives and executives: be willing to learn, to hear stories (to share experience with) from others with different perceptions and information."  (MANQUE SOURCE)

We proposed several type of services:


Thanks to our diversity and professional background, our directors are selected to answer and support you regarding the growing importance of the regulatory framework.


Conducting officers will take care of the fund's day to day activities and will liaise closely with the board and the CSSF.

Bringing their strong knowledge and experience in the diverse range of investment vehicles, they will make sure the fund's strategy, investment policies and the risk profile of investors are respected.


Our Consulting approach will help you to assess, improve and monitor the efficiency of your company.

Based on solid methods and tools, we will bring complementary expertise to support and implement projects. 

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Solutions seekers with deep professional background.


Making the numbers talk


Ongoing controls to ensure regulatory implementation


Help you to make a substantial difference

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